Thursday, August 21, 2008


Artist: Blue Fringe

I can see her lose her smile
through the shadows of the wrinkled years upon her face.
She tells me there is never a dull moment,
there are never any answers and I feel it all slippin’ away.
I tell her every age has got its battles
and what is life if not for challenges which fill its days
But it’s a chance for us to taste of God’s completion,
He reaches out, returns our souls each day.

Al she’anachnu modim lach
[ We thank You for inspiring us to thank You ]

I guess I must admit now it isn’t always so simple to do.
I take things for granted, I give myself more credit than my credit’s due.
I try, I try to see that it’s beyond mebut I get in the way.
I could try for hours to find the words to say


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