Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lo Irah

Artist: Blue Fringe

Stones of hate are thrown again to break our will. I won’t sit here quietly.
I’ve seen the flames and the damage done, but I sing still. Burning eyes, but I can see.

I’m still standing as I walk these streets with pride.
I may run from you, but I won’t be inside in hiding.

V’haikar lo L’fached klal. Hashem li v’lo irah
[ The main point is not to fear. God is with me, I will not fear .]

Fill my ears with that sweet language I have missed.
Let me through to the wall that I have kissed.

I am falling in love all over again.
I didn’t know what I was sacrificing when I left you.


You are with me, I won’t fear, but at times you seem to disappear.
I don’t know why you hide your face from me. But if I am scared then I am beat,
I will not show signs of defeat, so I go on with my life everyday.
I mask the fear upon my face and put a smile in its place;
a fragile smile holds my faith in you. So I step on this battlefield
and pray that You will be my shield. You are with me, I won’t fear.


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