Thursday, August 21, 2008


Artist: Blue Fringe

Generations are in my veins it’s a call to another way
in a world of instant flash it makes you stop. Stop and think about
a promise that I can’t forget it’s a memory I don’t recall
but it keeps me wandering through desert sand

meatah v’ad olam
[ from now until forever ]

Generations are in my way
it’s a call to a longer stay in a world of sacrifices and rewards


l’dor vador nagid gadlecha
[ From generation to generation we will speak about Your greatness ]

All his life shines across the street he keeps the light on for me to sleep
it’s a call, call back to me come, come back to me



Minutes hide from second hands as I am waiting for the time
when I will follow in the lines that they have drawn from deep within


In a world of instant flash it calls me back…

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