Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entranced By the Flames

Unknown Author

Entranced by the flames
Engulfed by its light
She sits immersed in thought
Before the fire late at night

Embers slowly dying
A voice beside her calls
Tell me dear camper
Why do your teardrops fall?

Sad eyes look up as she cries
Is it the time to say goodbye?
Is it the friends that she'll be leaving?
Or the beauty that stays behind
Will the memories be washed away?
With the passing of time
Will she be leaving all of this behind?

She gently wipes her tears
As they sit beneath the stars
Help expel those fears
As she holds her in her arms

Here we met and here we part
You'll stay within my heart
But counsler tell me why now
I look up and see you cry



  1. Shalom! This song used to make me cry as a child, everytime I heard our head counselor in the camp singing it...Can you please please tell me where I can listen to it, or better download in mp3??? Thanks!!!