Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chassidim Standing Tall

Unknown Author

Waiting there as people rush on by
Unwavering she endlessly does try
Are you Jewish, take a minute?
Is her constant cry
Another Jewish soul she reignites

Noticing her classmate feeling bad
She comforts her no reason to be sad
Her thoughtful way, cheers up her day
And leaves her feeling glad
That a role as a chassid she always had

As chassidim always standing tall
How fortunate we are in klal yisroel
Ashreinu, ashreinu, ma tov chelkeinu
On the frontline reaching out to every Jew (On the frontline greeting moshiach tzidkeinu)

Saying tefila slowly and with care
To her the words are meaningful and clear
Sounds ascending, comprehending
Rising through the air
Reaching to a place by Hashem's heavenly chair

Looking at her many different clothes
Appreciating items that she chose
Her style reflecting and affecting
Her beauty as she grows
An example of a bas chabad she shows

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