Sunday, October 28, 2007

Team Yiladim (Yellow) Song (ttto: Aylu Vaylu Omirim)

Reflecting on days gone by
Emotions overwhelming deep inside
Memories flashing through my mind
Hearing voices
Of fellow campers
Singing together
I can’t imagine the summer’s over
But now I see what
Machene Emunah did for me

Oy camp Emunah makes me strive to be
The Chossid that the Rebbe wants of me
By following Rabbi Hecht’s leagacy
We’ll learn, we’ll do, we’ll give,
And we’ll achieve

The summers changed us
Chassidishe kinder
The koachs in our hands
Heegeea z’man

Rebbe now I feel
Your picture is so real
In me you have instilled
I promise you
I will do
[last time: thank you machanainu]

The Rebbe’s picture on my wall
Gazing down on me I recall
A message for me
Stand strong and tall
I know wherever
My shiluchus leads me
The Rebbe’s watching
Piercing eyes
Meir alle zeinen dem Rebbins fis
We must remember
We made geuala a reality

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