Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fabreng All Night

On Tuesday morning it all began
Onto the buses the VIP’s all ran
Connecticut here we come
Martial says… I will not…
Shulichus trip oh what a ball

We share the same goal…
…Yet each one give its share

And after that the BBQ came
Burgers, chicken, hot dogs
Don’t forget the corn game
It’s a camp filled with food

Zey vill sztu zein a VIP dude
Ah ha ah hay, I love to eat all day

And after that FABRENG ALL NIGHT
Chips, stories, songs
FABRENG ALL NIGHT… every body join along

Mrs. Stroh started early with a wake-ety wake
Then onto the buses we did not wait
To the carnival- what a hit!
The kids couldn’t get enough of it!

Then off to the auditorium- run fly go
Yosef moocher shabbos- what a show!

Shlichus trip badadada Connecticut
VIPs we really had a blast! Oh Yea!
Shlichus trip badadada Connecticut

Solute to our captain
Look up to our captain
Stand up to our captain
Captain awwweeessome!- Don’t forget
Rebbetzin fantastic

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