Sunday, October 28, 2007

Camp Emunah Theme Song ‘65

Tick tock, hear that tick
Tick tock, hurry quick
Tick tock, get ready
‘Cuz we’ve reached the final time

Tick tock, mivtzoim clear
Tick tock, Tznius in full gear
Tick tock, get set to steer
‘Cuz the Rebbe has declared

Higiya z’man geulaschem
We’ll work, we’ll live, we’ll move, we’ll give
Our lives to serve Hashem
Focused on our goal, moshiach now! We do demand
Kinderlach! Unite! The koach’s in our hands!

Higiya z’man geulaschem
We’ll smile, daven bechavana and be a real good friend
Living as a chossid with the Rebbe in command
Emunah! Let’s go! The koach’s in our hands!

Learn about moshiach, give tzedaka, mitzvos more and more

Are you ready??? Yes we’re ready!
Just how ready?? We’re ready, we’re set!
To greet moshiach yes we know
Get ready! Get set! Go! Go! Go!

Tiereh chossidim higiya z’man geulaschem

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