Sunday, October 28, 2007

Camp Emunah Song Sheet ‘65

Although I’m just a child
Something’s on my mind
As I’m looking through my album
I see so much I’ve left behind

Pictures of those moments
The good times that we’ve shared
Swimming, singing, playing
The visions are so clear

Oh Emunah I will carry
With me at all times
The love and devotion
The strength and emotion
I’ll never say- Oh Emunah
I’ll never say goodbye

Although I’m just a child
About Emunah I know
It’s in heart forever
Wherever I may go

So as I close my album
I realize with great pride
That pictures and pages don’t matter
It’s what I feel inside


We’re coming on strong
Singing our song

Caught up in the craze
Of our summer days
Boy, you’d be amazed

Whatever we do
Our spirit shines through
Whatever the case
That’s only one place
Our machaneynu

Wo, wo, wo
Emunah you’re really great
Here together side by side
Everlasting joy and pride
In our camp you’ll find
Wo, wo, wo

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