Saturday, September 1, 2007

Shabbos Queen

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Believer

I used to think my mother was the
Shabbos Queen
She’d stand so regally with royal grace
And whisper to the king of the universe
In a very special place behind her covered face

I know that she’s not asking him for diamonds
My noble mother doesn’t ask for gold
She’s asking him to help me study in the Torah’s ways
And to let her eyes behold
The joy as she grows old

When I grow up, no matter what life brings
Hashem will give the strength I need to handle it
And I will walk by the lights of a thousand Friday nights
And the Tefilos of my mother who always had her candles lit



  1. I think it's
    "my noble mother doesn't ask for gold"

  2. Thank you! It has been corrected.

  3. I believe the line is "Whisper to the Master of the Universe Hashem"

  4. I just listened to the song again and I believe she says "king".

  5. When can I find this song to listen it?
    I have remembered it from the Gan Isroel camp
    but can't find anywhere since then...