Saturday, September 1, 2007

Remember Them

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Vatispalel Chana

They lived in ancient times, so many depressed
With all their needs unattainable
Oh oh, ah ah ah, life wasn’t easy
The children always knew it was up to them
To learn the ancient words, to know Hashem
For He, and only He would send their Savior

They always looked ahead
They knew the day would come
When they’re suffering would disappear
When Moshiach would appear
They could clearly see
The Bayis Hashlishi
When their people would be free finally

Remember when
They lived for us
They tried so hard only so that we’d
Remember them
And all they hoped for
Remember why
A nation never fell
They were strong so we’d
Remember them
And all they dreamed for

We live in modern times, So much excess
When everything we need is available
Oh oh, ah ah ah, life is easy
Science so advanced, we’re really blessed
It’s all been figured out, so much success
Oh oh, ah ah ah, life is easy

But once upon a time
Not so long ago
They suffered for a thousand years
They cried and cried a thousand tears
What more could they have done
When would He send the one
Oh when would Moshiach come?


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