Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Business

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Vatispalel Chana

Is the way to happiness the path to success?
Can I be satisfied if I’m something less?
Than the doctor, the lawyer, they hoped I would be
So what if I’m happy, just to be me?

Each day, every hour, on me they depend
To be mother, a sister, plus a wife and a friend
I have a profession, though no PHD
But today I am happy just to be me!

I don’t need a license, don’t need a degree
For I’m in the business, of a woman, you see
My life’s full of meaning and my home’s full of light
I don’t need all that money to be doing all right

I don’t need a mansion, with riches inside
My children are diamonds, and my family’s my pride
Why should I travel, I’m where I want to be
Can u find me a woman who’s got more than me?

There’s not much vacation, get no time to rest
My house is my office, and my kitchen’s my desk
I work for Hashem, yes, the Torah’s my trade
Maybe I’m overworked but I’m not underpaid


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