Saturday, September 1, 2007

It’s All My Mother

Sung By: Chanale Fellig
Album: the Crown Of Creation
Lyrics by: Danielle Weiss
Based on a poem by: David L. Weatherford

I speak to be heard
But it’s not my words my mouth sets free
In the mirror I gaze,
The reflection of another face I see
Her lips speak my mind,
And when I cry I see my tears in her eyes
The heart that beats within me,
It’s all my mother, so graceful and wise

I spread my wings to fly,
It’s from her hands that I take flight.
Like a bird with new wings
With her encouragement, once again I’ll try

It’s in her arms where I found life
So tell me what can I pay in return?
Every lesson I’m taught
For no price can be bought
From my mother, there’s no end to what I learn

Any wrong that I right,
Any heart I may brighten, oh oh
Any gift that I share,
Any burden I lighten,
All the strength inside me,
For every race I’ve won,
Mom, you’re everything I am
And all that I become.

I lend a listening ear,
I am there when a patient friend they need
I offer good advice
Oh do they know that it’s your words that they heed?

And today a favor I did
Cuz from your child you expect no less
While striving to achieve
In my power you believed
You’re responsible for all of my success

I hear you laugh; I feel at ease I’m so secure
I’m reminded I have everything I’ll ever need and more
For today I recognize
And my children will agree
I’ve been blessed to have a mother
Who brings out the best in me

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  1. Anyone know of a male who sings this song?