Saturday, September 1, 2007

I Daven

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: the Crown Of Creation

I Daven , requesting
My small voice He hears
Hashem, can You bless me
With long happy years

With each verse I ask Him
Fulfill all my needs
Honor my merits
Reward my good deeds

Then before I close my Siddur
For one last thing I’ll pray
That He responds to my Bakashos
Even the ones my lips don’t say

For He can see a hidden part of me
Into my essence, at my core
And though I’ve asked for health and happiness
Hashem, knows I need more
My soul inside is yearning
It cries please bring me close
Shema Tza-a-kosainu
Yo-day-ah Ta-a-lumos

Swaying, I whisper
His praise on my tongue
I depend on His blessing
To provide for my young
Grant me my portion
A life free from pain
Judge with me with favor
Remember my name


When my heart is broken I trust He will mend it
When my troubles overwhelm me, He will know
When I need a hand to guide me He will send it
When uncertain, He will show me where to go

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