Saturday, September 1, 2007

How Can You?

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Vatispalel Chana

Lechu Banim Shimu Li,
Yiras Hashem Alamaidchem
Mi Ha-Ish HeChafesz Chaim,
Ohev Yamim Liros Tov

How can you speak that way, don’t your lips burn
Letting words so destructive pass, why won’t you learn?
That the damage is done, once you let those thoughts slide
Through the lips that there put there, to keep them inside

Tell me, how can you look at me, don’t your eyes tear
When you listen to lies then believe what you hear
Now who gave you the right to decide what is true?
But you won’t understand ‘til it happens to you

Nitzur Lishoincha May-ra Usfasecha Midaber Mirma

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