Friday, September 21, 2007

Fire And Heights

Sung By: Matisyahu

1:You love God. Yes you love God. You want God. You get God. You live God. Yes you live God. God is in your soul you just have to find him. God loves you. God loves you.Jesus died on the cross. He died for every sin you had. Oh oh oh.

2:You want god. But you just don't have the strength. WAAAAA. Fire from the heights comes down. Your blow by the holy spirit. You have so much love for him. That the lord gave you. The lord has given you a second chance. (rap)
The lord loves you so don't waist time. (repeat) So go to lord and say your a sinner. Because the lord loves you.

3: I know you are a sinner but (you have a chance) (repeat)

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