Saturday, September 1, 2007

The City Streets Will Fill

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Believer

Where our holy house once stood
A fox roams in its place
In ruins the mount forsaken
The sacred stones disgraced
In pain the sages cry
As Uriah’s words ring true
And echoed through the night
woh onto the Jews
Akiva don’t you see
We’re faced with tragedy
But still it seems that you deny
With laughter and with glee
No my sons he’s answering
Half the promise now fulfilled
And soon he will rebuild only stronger

And the city streets will fill
Once more will children play
As prophecies unravel
And tomorrow starts today
So take comfort in these words
Let the tears dry from your eyes
For one day we’ll see our Mikdash
One day these walls will rise
And the city streets will fill

Urichovos Hair Yimalu
Yiladim Viyilados Misachakim

When the old remains forever young
And the Torahs words shine as the sun
And the lion lays in peace aside the lamb
He’ll bring us home on eagles’ wings
And once again Leviim sing
To a nation now rejoined
Only stronger


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