Saturday, September 1, 2007


Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Albume: Believer

There’s a voice inside my soul
A voice so strong I can’t control
And when it speaks I hear it and all just fades away
It tells me nothing else is really true
How meaningless is all I do
And my world is dark and empty
Today without you

Tell me what can I say
Won’t you come and take me away

And I, I will wait
I will hold on to my faith
For me he’ll never come too late
And I, I will hold on
Till every tear inside me dries
And the angels come down from the skies
And even as the night grows colder
And the end still seems so far
I will wait I will pray
Because I’m a believer

And it never falters
Always strong
This dream I’ll keep my whole life long
It swells in every moment
In every breath that I take
I’d give all I have to see you near
It’s all I ever wanted here
And at night I close my eyes
And I’m still dreaming of you


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