Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yidden Yidden

words by: Sure Levilov

The Rebbe said the time of Geulah has arrived
These words were not just said, but they were prophesied
Oh the fall of communism oy, yoy, yoy, yoy
The change of ammunition oy, yoy, yoy, yoy
Higia Z'man the time has finally come.

Yidden, Yidden
Open your eyes
Start living Moshiach
Before you know to your surprise

Yidden, Yidden
Wake up and see
A better world
A brighter world
A world of good for you and me

L'chaim aleh yidden- Boruch Hashem
United and Tzufriden- Boruch Hashem
Higia Z'man, the time has finally come

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