Friday, August 31, 2007

Wedding Song

author unknown

It's a moonlit Sunday night, shining stars above
Chosson and kallah under the chupah
Strains of baruch habah

Life seems so perfect, calm, and serene souls in unity
But as the seasons evolve, there are things to resolve
Diminishing harmony

"We've spoken about this many times, it seems you're never home"
"But you don't understand what my work does demand
I don't mean to leave you all alone"

We have reached a moment in our lives where we long for a new start
"I feel it is you who must pull us through"
"No, you begin and so your part"

Our g-d above is betrothed to us
We're his am kodosh, his bride
We agreed na'ase venishmah
We received this bond with pride
And through the years even though we've tried
Our commitment has worn thin
We're willing to renew our vows
Just not sure who should begin

Hasiveinu hashem venashuvah
Return to us and we'll respond
Shuvah eilai veashuvah aleichem
Hashem begs us otherwise

You return to me and I'll follow suit
Hashem pleads with us constantly
But we expect hashem to go first
It's the dialogue of century

Now the time has come, we will take a step
For g-d's voice has been heard
Kol mevaser mevaser veomer
Higiah z'man geualschem
Veairastich le liolam
We're ready and eager, it's time
We want a bond that's everlasting
You're our groom and we're your bride


  1. Both Zeidy and Jewish Child are by Moshe Yess

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