Friday, August 31, 2007

Vatispalel Chana

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Vatispalel Chana

On a mountain of Israel, two women are known
One walks with children, while one walks alone
Day after day turns to year after year
The burning inside turns to pain she can’t bear

No words can console her, no love can replace
Her arms start to tremble, her whole body shakes
A womb oh so empty, a heart filled with pain
Her grief knows no boundaries and tears pour like rain

Vatispalel Chana, she prays all the while
Have I been forgotten, don’t I get a child?
I don’t ask for many, just give me one
And in return your maid Chana, will give You her son

Eli Ha’Cohen watches from far
Daughter of Israel tell me who you are
Your whispers have traveled; your home will be blessed
So now go in peace, for He’ll grant your request

Her Tefilos accepted, her prayers are heard
He gives her a child, she gives Him her word
A son only borrowed, a son she won’t raise
Her joy knows no boundaries, and G-d she does praise

Vatispalel Chana she turns to the sky
Hashem is my Savior, Hashem upon high
En Tzur Kelokainu, Hashem You are One
And blessed be Your Name, for You gave me a Son
And blessed be Your Name, now I give You my son

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