Friday, August 31, 2007

Sister Sister

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Chanale and Friends

Sister, sister, remember
Not long ago when we were both young
Sure it seems like forever since we’ve
Skated holding hands in the sun
Now I’m watching the videos
Of the times when we were careless and free
And I notice that nothing’s changed
‘cept I’m smarter and it’s clearer to see

When I’m old I’ll still need you
You’re my sister and my favorite friend
And I promise I’ll be here
Like you’ve been there for me time and again

Sister, sister I wonder
What life would be without your sweet smile
Who would answer the phone so late
And listen while I talked for a while
You know I’ve kept every letter
That you wrote to me when we were apart
And when they tell me I look like you
Well I hope it’s a resemblance of heart


And when you need me I’ll be here at any time
I love you, Sister of mine

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