Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Russian Boy's Hopeless Plight

author unknown

A Russian's boy hopeless plight
Dreariness fills his night
Hardship and pain befall him
His chance of survival is slim

Finding no source of true comfort
To the Rebbe he turns, with a letter
Compelled to express to him
How life could have been so much easier

The boy did not beg for an easier life
Nor for a hope to be free
Vos zol ich ton az s'davent zich nisht
That was the Russian's boy's plea

As the Rebbe spoke at a farbrengan
The chassidim gazed on, in surprise
As the Rebbe choked with emotion
And tears came to his eyes



  1. what is the translation of the russian/yiddish part Vos zol ich ton az s’davent zich nisht??

    1. it means "what should i do, for i don't know how to daven?" im not sure if thats word for word, but thats what the boy asked.

    2. What should I do to make my davening better?