Friday, August 31, 2007

Perfect By Design

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Chanale and Friends

When I was young, I dreamed I’d be a housewife
I’d spend my days cooking fine cuisine
Wake bright and early and dress all my kids to match
‘Bout time that plan I scratch
‘Cuz me, I can’t wake up without caffeine

Well I’ve learned a couple tricks to make things easier
There’s no shame is plastic cutlery
My freezer is a treasure chest of frozen meals to go
‘Cuz most of you don’t know
It’s harder to make home than you’d believe

It’s no big deal if I can’t find the keys to my car
Leavin’ dishes overnight is not a crime
If you think you’d do better, well you’ve got big shoes to fill
I’m a woman and I’m perfect by design

Last weekend I found time to get my nails done
A woman asked me ‘hon what’s your career
I smiled to myself as I waved my nails dry
With a twinkle in my eye
“Why, me? I’m a domestic engineer!

And sure some days I wish I could retire
No vitamins can give me energy
But like a superhero I make it through the day
And I still find time to pray
Cuz G-d above sure is helping me

It’s no big deal if I don’t grab the phone each time it rings
The cake I made from cake mix is just fine
If you think you’d do better, well, I’m here to let you know
I’m a woman, and I’m perfect by design

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