Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh Bnos Chabad

written by: Mrs. Katya Stern A"H (Montreal, Canada)

TTTO: Vizakainu Likabel Shabasos

Three malochim came
When Avraham was in pain,
Each one with a shlichus of their own,

Fulfilling their task,
Where is Sara they asked,
Modestly she remained in her tent.

On her camel she rode,
Rivkah left her abode,
Yitzchak she saw from afar.

She covered her face,
Her veil fell in place,
Now each Jewish kallah does the same.

Oh, bnos Chabad
Look back and see
The women from our history
They lived with tznius and we must do the same,
Oh- am livadod yishkon

Styles may come and styles may go
But as bnos Chabad we all know
Tznius is our guide
The source of all Jewish pride
Truth does not change with the times.

The Rebbe our melech, made an urgent call,
About women and girls most of all,
Tznius in thought, in action, and in speech
Will bring the Geulah with great speed.

Oh- bnos Chabad...

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