Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just One Shabbos

Sung by Mordechai Ben David

The western wall on Friday night
First time ever there
Strapped into his knapsack
With his long and curly hair
He stood there for a while
Then broke out with a smile
Emotions overwhelming joy with tears

The men were dancing there
Their hearts were filled with love
They sang such happy tunes
To thank the one above
For showing them the way
For giving them a day
To rest rejoice with peace of mind, to pray

Just one shabbos and we'll all be free
Just one shabbos come and join with me
We'll sing and dance to the sky
With our spirits so high
We will show them all it's true
Let them come and join us too

I said "Hello my friend
You seem to be amused"
He said "Much more then that
I am a bit confused
I know I am a Jew
I was bar mitzva'd too
But shabbos in our home
Who ever knew?

He asked to join with us
To understand and see
He spent some time with us
In total ecstasy
Next shabbos came along
His feelings grew so strong
He first began to feel that he belonged


He found his treasure
Made some changes in his life
A brand new family
His children and his wife
They learn new things each day
To live the torah way
The message of the shabbos they relate

Now every Friday night
They go down to the wall
Invite some people 'round
And they will teach them all
We'll teach them this new song
To join and sing along
'Cuz soon we'll all be free
It won't be long


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