Friday, August 31, 2007

Gazing Out

author unknown

Gazing out, Moshe sees beyond
The next doros and their struggles, their constant bond
But then he saw the dor acharon, the hardest, when they come
That's why I am anav mikol adam

Illness rampant takes many lives
Eretz yisroel the safest who still survives
Chassidim of yore, they knew much more
But came before those difficult times
We must always fight to do what's right
My blurred sight, the tension climbs

Rebbe, how I wish that I could see you smile
All these tzaros break me, no denial
This galus merirus I do feel so strongly- oh why
Rebbe, something I now comprehend
This galus is too long- it soon must end
Rizoneinu liraos malkeinu
Hashem- ad mosai

My focus needs some refining, all these tzaros that I feel
The dark right by the dawn, moshiach is right here
No obstacles can mar my simcha betahrosa
My firm certainty that hinei kefar ba

I can feel reality of geulah, I can see
In my daily life, using simcha that's the key
The Rebbe leads us out on a vision that's so clear
Ki vesimcha teitzeu, we will bring moshiach here

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