Friday, August 31, 2007

Flippin' Out

Artist: Blue Fringe

Tell me if I'm wrong, but it happens a lot
Ben Yehuda on erev shabbat
I'm on my way to Meah Shearim
When suddenly I hear a high pitch scream

I turn around to see what that could be
And then I notice two seminary
And they hug and shriek
'Cuz they haven't seen each other
For one whole week

I start to think that girls are "gashmeus"
I tell myself that I'm above that "shtus"
So I break up with her, my lifelong friend
כבוד הבריות is just pretend

And now I'm thinking that I'm super-"shtark"
Because I only wear white shirts and dark
And maybe a black hat, too
Now let me take a good look at you

I'm flippin' out
And my rebbe's "sheppin nachas"
I'm flippin' out
But my parents will kick my "tuchas"

I just heard half hour halacha shiur
And decide to change the way I've lived for 18 years
I fought with my parents that they're incorrect
Well what about "כיבוד אב ואם" and a little respect?"

My parents ask, "Are you ever coming home?"
But I just ask them for loans
Because money I only spend on seforim
I got a ramban, ritvah, rashbah, and all the rishonim

No more movies - "pritzus" city
No more english music 'cuz she might be pretty
Now it's only Carlebach and Miami Boys
That's all the stuff that I used to call noise

I'm getting frummer, yeah I'm on my way
Just gotta learn all those catch phrases
That I'll need to say
Like "shkoyach" and "meestahmuh" too
'Cuz I know if I don't say them I'm not a frum Jew

You're flippin out
And you never shave your face
I'm flippin' out
'Cuz I never leave the "bais"
You're flippin' out
And you never take a shower
I'm flippin' out
'Cuz Israel has no water power
You're flippin' out
And you're "varfen up s'voras"
I'm flippin' out
But I eat and sleep gemoras
You're flippi'n out
and you think you can give shiur
I'm flippin' out
But I've been "shtyging" for a year
You're flippin' out
Well nothing rhymes with cholent
You're flippin' out
And now you start to smoke
I'm flippin' out
Yea this song is just a joke

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