Friday, August 31, 2007

Diamonds & Fish

Sung by: Chanale Fellig
Album: Chanale and Friends

Once there lived a pauper
As poor as poor can be
Who heard about an island
Across the great big sea
Where diamonds were a-plenty
As many as the sand
So he sailed away one sunny day
And traveled to this land

Arriving at the seashore
He came down to the beach
A thousand sparkling gemstones
Spread far as he could reach
The children watched him laughing
As he filled his pockets deep
With treasures he had dreamed of
That were free for him to keep

That night he ordered dinner
A meal fit for a king
Keep the change, ‘cuz I’ve got more
Your finest wines do bring
He tried to pay the waiter
That’s when our traveler found
That diamonds here were worth as much
As pebbles on the ground

The currency of locals
Was surprising at the least
It turns out the more fish they had
The more their wealth increased
No one seemed to notice
The way the fish would wreak
No one there remembered
That fish were meant to eat

He worked real hard, invested
His business did expand
And it wasn’t very long till he was
Richest in the land
He telegraphed his family
“G-d has granted our wish”
He filled his ships completely
With tons of smelly fish

Arriving at the docks
Came his family and friends
It’s not hard to imagine
How this story ends
There was no need to argue
And I’m sure you will agree
The only place for fish my friends
Is back inside the sea

The soul is like a traveler
Of treasures he is told
Where Torah is his diamond
And Mitzvos are his gold
So come and fill you pockets
Or like our friend you’ll find
You’ve taken back what’s worthless
Left the diamonds all behind

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