Friday, August 31, 2007

A Chassid Is Weeping

author unknown

A chassid is weeping, his body wrapped in tears
He hasn't seen his Rebbe is eight long years
His soul reaching upwards yearning to be free
Enwrapped in galus, a flame does burn

Rebbe, oh Rebbe we are so far apart
But this letter I dictate is engraved in my heart
Hayom Haloditi, Rebbe hear my plea
And help me bear this harsh decree

Transcending limitations, yearning to be one
A Rebbe to his chassid, like a father to son
Eight years later alive and free
A letter from his Rebbe he chances to see

Reb Mendel, Reb Mendel, your leter I received
In all you bitter pains to not be grieved
Your suffering I see and soon you will be free
And once again return to me

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