Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chaos and Confusion

author unknown

His hands deftly weaving
the threads he intertwines
Silken fabric velvets blend
The tailor he designs
And then the fringes dance softly
Across the flowing piece
As he tenderly caressed each fold
And he stitched beneath each crease

With velvet tufts hanging
A masterpiece displayed
Envisioning a pouch of gold
But the king refused to pay
Though the robe has been completed
Disloyalty is clear
Tailor you've betrayed your king
Some silk has disappeared

Chaos and confusion
We attempt to understand
Mishpatei hashem emes
Let's embrace his master plan
And our tears can't be held back
Today accept with love
Tomorrow we well understand
Tzadiku yachdav

Humbly hunched over
The tailor's fingers glide
As heaps and piles of lavish cloth
Fall softly at his side
And then the king lashed in horror
His ruddy face aflame
As the tailor ripped apart each seam
This is how he could explain

Your highness you've questioned
Where has your fine cloth gone
To prove each thread was not in vain
Each stitch must be undone
And though the fabric seems missing
It's tucked beneath each fold
Each scrap has served it's purpose
To complete these royal robe


King of all kings
Take a look at your children below
The pain so deep our garments torn
Why must we suffer so
And though our world has turned hazy
Some silk has disappeared
Tatenyu we miss them so
Your stitching so unclear

My dear child I'm weaving
An intricate design
Each scrap has served its purpose
To perfect this world of mine
The only way to understand
That which lies beneath the seams
I must being unraveling
Each pleat, each fold, each crease


Though there's a void within your heart
Yes, your cries have reached my throne
I've gathered them in close to me
To complete my royal robe.

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