Thursday, August 30, 2007

By Shabbos Candles

author unknown

By shabbos candles burning brightly
I sit alone with my memories
Times of beauty, times of joy
How vast is now the void

A golden era I recall
As the candle light flickers on the wall
The portrait there beckons to me
The Rebbe's face I don't see

Hashem I don't understand
An answer from you I demand
What do you expect from me
When my Rebbe I don't see

Oy! To live moshiach I do strive
For the Rebbe's will is my life
So I act in a geulah'dike way
L'chiyos im moshiach every day

Oy! But Rebbe I promise
Your holy world I shall uphold
Nothing will stop me
From doing that which you told
Rebbe I'm your soldier
To you my life I dedicate

'Cuz I know that you're with me
In every step I take
I'll do what I can
To bring moshiach with great haste
And once again together we'll fabreng

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