Friday, August 31, 2007

Amongst Majestic Mountains

author unknown

Amongst majestic mountains, a nation stands alone
An ending to their exile, a promise of a home
Pondering their destiny, gazing at the setting sun
Moshe stands so strong, bnei yisroel roeh ne'emon

He sees eretz yisroel a splendid golden view
Listening intently to hakodosh baruch hu
My dear servant Moshe, for you to enter this great land
The dor hamidbar from redemption forever will be banned

Hashem, please take my life from me
My people they must live to see
The coming of redemption and the mikdash hashlishi
Please pass them down through the doros
And give a nasi my kochos
To lead them towards geulah with niflaos degulos

Standing at the ohel, so faithful and so strong
Pleading for a nation that has waited much to long
Filling them with courage, caring for them day by day
The Rebbe, our Moshe stands and proudly leads the way

Bnei yisroel, hear our cry
Thundering voices ad mosai
And join the million forces as we're marching side by side
With the Rebbe lighting up the
The geulah we will have today
The promise if redemption with niflaos degulos


  1. Sweet song I love it!

  2. I believe author is Teitlebaum from Morristown.