Monday, December 7, 2009

Sarit Hadad



K'shehalev bocheh rak Elohim shome'a
hake'ev oleh mitoch haneshamah
adam nofel lifnei shehu shoke'a
bit'filah k'tanah chotech et had'mamah

Sh'ma Israel Elohai atah hakol yachol
natata li et chayay natata li hakol
be'enai dim'a halev bocheh besheket
uch'shehalev shotek haneshamah zo'eket.
Sh'ma Israel Elohai achshav ani levad
chazek oti Elohai aseh shelo ef'chad
hake'ev gadol ve'ein le'an livro'ach
aseh sheyigamer ki lo notar bi ko'ach.

Kshehalev bocheh hazman omed milechet
ha'adam ro'eh et kol chayav pit'om
el halo noda hu lo rotze lalechet
le'Elohav kore al saf tehom.



When the heart cries only God hears
the pain rises out of the soul
a man falls down before he sinks down
with a little prayer (he) cuts the silence

Hear Israel my God, you're the omnipotent
you gave me my life, you gave me everything
in my eyes a tear, the heart cries quietly
and when the heart is quiet, the soul screams
Hear Israel my God, now I am alone
strengthen me my God; make it that I won't fear
the pain is big, and there's no where to run away
make it end, for no more strength is left within me

When the heart cries, time stands still
all of a sudden, the man sees his entire life
he doesn't want to go to the unknown
he cries to his God right before a big fall

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Unknown Author

Recalling all those precious times
All the years he stood by our side
Begig us to stay strong and true
Rebbe, we owe it all to you

Farbrengens filled our hears with joy
Each bracha given with such love and care
How we yearn to hear your words again
How long? Hashem, till when?

Hoping and praying each day anew
Hashem when will this golus end
Retsoneinu liros es malkeinu
We need our Rebbe again

Entranced By the Flames

Unknown Author

Entranced by the flames
Engulfed by its light
She sits immersed in thought
Before the fire late at night

Embers slowly dying
A voice beside her calls
Tell me dear camper
Why do your teardrops fall?

Sad eyes look up as she cries
Is it the time to say goodbye?
Is it the friends that she'll be leaving?
Or the beauty that stays behind
Will the memories be washed away?
With the passing of time
Will she be leaving all of this behind?

She gently wipes her tears
As they sit beneath the stars
Help expel those fears
As she holds her in her arms

Here we met and here we part
You'll stay within my heart
But counsler tell me why now
I look up and see you cry


Tov Lehodos

Unknown Author

Tov lehodos laHasem
Tov lehodos laHasem
Ulezamer, ulezamer leshimacha elyon
Tov lehodos laHasem

Ulehagid baBoker cashdecha
Ulehagid baBoker cashdecha
VeEmunascha baleilos, veemunascha baLeilos
Tov lehodos laHasem

Chassidim Standing Tall

Unknown Author

Waiting there as people rush on by
Unwavering she endlessly does try
Are you Jewish, take a minute?
Is her constant cry
Another Jewish soul she reignites

Noticing her classmate feeling bad
She comforts her no reason to be sad
Her thoughtful way, cheers up her day
And leaves her feeling glad
That a role as a chassid she always had

As chassidim always standing tall
How fortunate we are in klal yisroel
Ashreinu, ashreinu, ma tov chelkeinu
On the frontline reaching out to every Jew (On the frontline greeting moshiach tzidkeinu)

Saying tefila slowly and with care
To her the words are meaningful and clear
Sounds ascending, comprehending
Rising through the air
Reaching to a place by Hashem's heavenly chair

Looking at her many different clothes
Appreciating items that she chose
Her style reflecting and affecting
Her beauty as she grows
An example of a bas chabad she shows

I Stand

Unknown Author

I stand apart all alone
Weary of pain, tired of sorrow
As darkness spreads a sad song
I cry to heaven for sunshine tomorrow

[Hebrew words]
Faith, trust, hope, belief
Faith, trust, hope, bitachon

I see a light shining through
I know that Hashem will not forsake me
I see his guidance of love
Leading me through life's bitter journey

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Artist: Blue Fringe

Kach na et bincha

[ Take your son ]
et yechidcha
[ your only son ]
asher ahavta
[ the one you love ]

vayeilchu shneihem yachdav
[ And the two of them walked as one ]

Would you take your only son? Would you lay your answer down?
Would you bind him to the stone? Would you take your only son?

vayavou el hamakom
[ And they arrived at the place ]
vayaroch et ha’etzim
[ and he collected the wood ]
vayakod et bno
[ and he bound his son ]
vaysem oto al hamizbeach
[ and he placed him on the altar ]

vayeilchu shneihem yachdav
[ And the two of them walked as one ]


Al tishlach yadcha
[ Do not stretch out your hand ]